Sunday, 19 March 2017

Soft play and Shopping

Norwich 2 Barnsley 0

So I dropped the ball. We were meant to be seeing Beauty and the Beast today, but I had left it too late to book tickets and unfortunately the screening was sold out. TBH I am just a bit worried the Beast will scare our eldest and I put off ordering tickets until the last moment. So of course we ended up at soft play again. This time we went to Alive Oasis to see its transformation from fun castle to pirate ship.

We were the first paying customer to try it out and I am sure all the parents reading this will understand how nice it was playing on a clean soft play that didn't smell of wee. I even let the baby go in the big ball pool as it was full of new balls! We only played for an hour before heading to Kings Lynn for lunch and shopping.

We went to Marriot Warehouse first for lunch. Our eldest wanted to go to Old Mc Donalds and put on a bit of a sulk to begin with, but the fish and chips soon changed her tune. Lunch was really good and set me up for shopping. I needed to get the girls some slippers and, as the majority of our DVDs are in storage, I wanted to get a couple of new Disney ones while they are on offer. Our shopping was very successful although I spent far more than I had intended, I blame the Next sale.

When we got home, we of course had to watch both of the new Disney DVDs, Peter Pan and Snow White, luckily they had finished by the time Daddy got home from the football. Although I am sure he won't be able to escape watching them for long.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Harry Potter

Norwich 2 Blackburn 2

We had planned to go to the circus today at Knight's Hill. We have spent the last two weeks talking about and pointing out the big top whenever we pass by, however during one of our many conversation last week I took things to far. Yes that's right I dared to suggest that the clowns at the circus may throw water at each other. Of course in my eldest's head this translated as the clowns will throw water at me and she suddenly became terrified of the idea of the circus. She spent all of yesterday and some of the middle of last night saying that she didn't want to go. She had worked herself into quite a state, so we decided to give it a miss. 

Instead we did what she wanted to do today. Which was to bake a Carrot Cake, like Tig and her Dad, in Woolly and Tig and to go to soft play.

In order to bake the cake we needed to get a few ingredients and whilst we were picking these up in Sainsburys we happened upon a couple of World Book Day costumes for sale. Little Red Riding Hood and Harry Potter, as I love a bargain I got both of them.

When we got home our eldest tried on the Little Red Riding costume as it was a typically girly princess style dress but as it's size 2-3 it was a bit tight. Reluctantly she agreed it would probably be better for her sister next year and tried on the Harry Potter one. She wasn't to keen on it until she found out that the cape came with glasses, a wand and a spellbook cover and she barely took it off for the rest of the day. I gave her a lightening scar with an eyebrow pencil and she made us refer to her as Harry Potter. She has yet to see any of the films, she is only 4. But as her cousins love Harry Potter so does she now.

She was really helpful making the carrot cake and only lost interest right at the end when I had to grate the carrots. She wasn't very happy to learn that the icing had butter and cream cheese in it instead of just icing sugar and water. So she is now refusing to eat the cake, I don't mind this as there is more for me.

In the afternoon we went to Farmer Fred's. Please remind me never to go to soft play again during a full moon. The kids were crazy, there were gangs of boys going round throwing balls at one another. And for some reason at one stage I was like the Pied Piper I had that many unrelated children following me around the soft play wanting to talk to me. I was quite relieved to leave after an hour and a half.

This evening has been taken up with a nocturnal baby, blog writing and carrot cake eating. Mainly to block out the talk of new managers and whether the board actually has a plan. For once the husband is not even suggesting putting himself forward for the job. I'm off for a shower now, there is nothing like washing the urine off after being at soft play. Night, night....

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Hospital Visit

Bristol 1 Norwich 1

So tonight hasn't gone exactly as planned. After vague promises that we could watch Broadchurch instead of listening to the football tonight,  unfortunately life had other plans.

Our poor baby woke up just as we were about to sit down to dinner with a rash all over her arms and legs and one cheek.

After a call to 111 we headed to QEH to get her looked at by the after hours GP. He thinks it's a viral rash and his recommended treatment is no medicine and just to monitor her. I feel a bit silly as now at home she already looks a bit better. But it was best to get her checked,  At least we didn't panic and take her to A&E. And my husband got to listen to the game mainly I'm the car to and from the hospital.

Update: this morning she is much better although she seems to have a cold. Lots of cuddles are in order.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Big Smoke

Sheffield Wednesday 5 Norwich 1

So we are London bound this weekend. It seems so strange doing the journey we used to make so many times at the weekend to Norfolk backwards.

We are staying with more inlaws this weekend. When our eldest had chicken pox we promised we would take her to see her cousins when she got better, so here we are chicken pox free and ready to play.

Our baby has almost cut her top teeth so she's still not sleeping great at nightime. Therefore we had a broken nights sleep and I thought she had woken her sister and cousins up at 6 but luckily even if she did they did not come into our room and I was able to convince our baby to go back to sleep.

We ended up having a lovely lie in until 9 and then went downstairs to homemade blueberry pancakes. I was only slightly disappointed to learn that one of reasons the girls hadn't woken us up was because they watched the live action Cinderella on Netflix, which I really want to see. Maybe I'll get to see it tomorrow.

After we all got dressed and ready we went to Clissold park.  Islington knows how to do playgrounds, our eldest loved it and I wasn't sure how we were going to get her to leave until her cousin mentioned looking at the animals. They have a herd of dear in the park.

One of the things our eldest has missed most about living in Norfolk is getting a bus. So after lunch we got a bus into Upper st we got off at The Green and walked back through to Canonbury. It was nice to see what was the same and what had changed since we left the area 3 years ago. We went for a drink in the Alwyne Castle and then we took our eldest to the playground in Highbury Fields. Which is even better than the Clissold park one.

For tea we went to Dear Pizza which used to be Stringray one of our favourite restaurants.  The girls loved it. It's been a really nice trip down memory lane today but I'm not sure I could live here with children all the time.  I am already a custom to Norfolk slightly slower pace of life.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Derby Day 2

Norwich 1 Ipswich 1

Today is the second Derby of the season and I'm pretty confident, after the last few games. My husband's sentiments of owing Ipswich a Derby earlier on in the season are well and truly null and void.

For some reason last night neither of our girls wanted to sleep and we must have been woken up about 8 times by them. So I was a bit of a Zombie this morning and not really in any shape to happily wave my husband off to the football. I think I was too jealous of his hour car journey/potential nap time.

However after he left we did slope off back upstairs for a while so I could feed the baby whilst my eldest played a game based on Disney the Lodge with my sister's old Star Wars toys. She loves playing games with dolls about boyfriends and girlfriends and people getting married. Quite oddly these games often involve the heroine being kidnapped too.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed she had shown an interested in all of the hair care instruments we have in the bedroom. In order to get her to go to sleep,  as you read above that didn't last, I promised I would show her how these worked today. So after she got bored of her game I had to get the hairdryers, curling irons and crimpers out. I assumed one of us would end up with some sort of burn however she was really patience and still and now has lovely crimped hair. I can almost pretend she let me plait her hair before bed to achieve the same result.

Her favourite new game today has been Park Farm. Which we went to again yesterday, thanks to our new, although slightly battered already, season ticket.  She particular likes pretending she is driving / presenting the deer safari. I am very impressed that she has remembered deer only have bottom teeth.

My husband enjoyed the derby game today his highlight was the one minute applause 15 minutes into the game to celebrate Ipswich's 15th consecutive championship campaign, but he was not very impressed with being held back for 40 minutes after the game to let the Ipswich fans go by the police.

Monday, 20 February 2017

The Bedtime Tag

Thank you Mummy Seta for the nomination here are my answers.

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine?

I normally start getting ready for bed around 9, I know it's early, as I like to have a bath and then moisturise before getting into bed. I have always preferred to wash the day off at night, as opposed to showering in the morning.

2. What are your favourite Pyjamas?

I actually hate all my pyjamas at the moment. Once I have finished breast feeding and the likely hood of milk accidents are over I am going to treat myself to some new pairs.

3. What is your favourite bedtime reading?

I love reading books, at the moment I am reading Dead But Not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse as I love the True Blood books. But I am guilty of spending far too much time looking on my phone at night time.

4. What would I find on your bedside table?

A lamp we don't switch on as it's too near the cot. My jewellry and a glass of water.

5. What scents make you sleepy?

I sometimes steal my children bedtime bath bubbles, but I'm not sure it works.

6. What is your usual bed time and wake-up time?

We usually turn the light off between 11.00 and 12.00.

My eldest has been waking us up between 5.30 and 7.00 the last few weeks.

7. What are your top 3 bedtime products?

I love clinque 3 step.

My electric toothbrush.

And due to a pregnancy complication I got into the habit off moisturising my tummy with the slightly medicinal smelling Aqueous cream.
8. What is your most common sleeping position?

On my tummy or left hand side.

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

My husband! 

10. What is your worse bedtime habit?

As I mentioned above looking on my phone.

I now nominate

Mum's diary

A mum full of dreams

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Mart

Burton Albion 2 Norwich 1

So we have all been looking forward to today for the last couple of weeks, because today we are going to see the Lego Batman Movie and then going to the King's Lynn Mart.

Our eldest is in fact so excited that she has spent the last few days practising for the hour change by waking up at 5.30. Luckily for me after a quick cuddle she went back to sleep until 7am.

When she came through again she decided to put a DVD on for us in our bedroom. I bought the Troll movie for her on Monday and we have watched it every day since, although her Daddy hadn't yet had a chance to watch it. It was a really fun way to wake up, all four of us cuddling up and watching a DVD. And my husband now understands why our eldest keeps chanting "no troll left behind".

After breakfast we headed into King's Lynn and the cinema. My Mother-in-law came with us and as she was driving my husband called shot gun, so I sat in the back squashed inbetween the girls. I didn't mind as we sang along to the Lodge CD.

The film was great we all really enjoyed it even the Bat Girl doll we bought along had fun. My favourite bits were the nod to Arrested Development and the Gremlins.  As a child I was terrified of them.

For lunch we went to Marriotts Warehouse, it was our first time there and I was really impressed. We will definitely go there again.

Our Eldest was really well behaved at lunchtime and very patience considering how much she wanted to go to the Mart. She even refused a pudding as she was saving herself for candy floss.

A brief history of the Mart. The King's Lynn Mart is traditionally the opening of the travelling season and it opens on Valentine's day and lasts for two weeks. They have a children's day every year were the cost of the rides are reduced. My Dad never used to let us go on children's day as he used to say it was half the cost for half the ride. I am sure that's not true. The Mart is a chance for the showmen to try out new rides as well as old favourites. And the history of a moving fair in King's Lynn goes  back to 1204.

I have been taking our eldest to the Mart for the last two years with my Mum while my husband was at the football. But luckily for him he got the chance to take her today. She loved it, her favourite ride was the Helter-skelter and her only disappointment was that she couldn't reach the pedal or the steering wheel on the bumper cars.

It was a lovely family day out, although I have a feeling me and Grandma maybe taking her back to the The Mart next week.

More on the history of the Mart